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Facebook emoticons - While many individuals think Facebook emoticons as one of the most powerful and fantastic ways to express emotions when online or communicating over Facebook, you may be thinking why is it so! And the easiest answer to that is because it depicts your exact intention and demonstrates what is there in your mind while making a particular statement. But then again a question may popup like, is there a right time to use Facebook emoticons? There isn’t any, because whenever you communicate using Facebook emoticons, you bring an edge in your interaction and therefore, you never have to wait for a right time to include these cute little cue balls in your texting or emailing.

Facebook emoticons - Consider a situation in which you are tied up in a business meeting and a well-planned great evening & dinner at shopping mall with your family looks like a remote possibility. As the work exigency prevents you to come out of the boardroom, you know having a word with your wife will create a frustrating situation for you as well as others. With Facebook emoticons available on your mobile, you can smartly use them & convey her about this change in plan. This is when something like a “it’s about time” followed by “I am mad as hell” emoticon saves the day for you and not let a last minute ‘surprise’ leave her panic. I am no different to have faced such an incidence in real life & therefore, can’t stop emphasizing how Facebook emoticons worked for me at a crucial juncture.

Facebook emoticons - This is only one example which I often illustrate, but there are plenty of other situations as well when Facebook emoticons help handling tricky situations in everyday life. No wonder the youth is nowadays exploring it up to the maximum extent. A group of youth enjoying a movie in theatre, obviously after bunking the classes, immediately informs back their studious friends who opted to attend classes instead. Typing and reading long messages is certainly not feasible for either party. And they are glad to have Facebook emoticons as “hello soldier”, “evil laugh” or “booing”, which can be done conveniently and instantly.  Again, there can be another situation when a person trapped in a traffic jam can convey his or her situation with minimum efforts. Whether you are trapped in a traffic jam, standing underneath a shelter till the heavy rains subside or are anxiously in a doctor’s queue, use something like “blah-blah” or “bored” & convey your emotions instantly, crisply and intelligently using Facebook emoticons!

Now do you still say Facebook emoticons are useful only when you are chatting?